As of December 23, 2020, until further notice, entry to the Republic of Suriname will only be permitted to travelers who are repatriating to Suriname. The following persons can apply for essential travel:

• Persons with Surinamese passports;
• Persons with a valid residence permit for Suriname;
• Persons with a valid PSA card residing in Suriname;
• Persons of Surinamese origin who wish to travel due to serious illness or demise of a family member (first or second degree). It is mandatory to submit a statement from a medical specialist and a document showing the family relationship with the deceased.
• Persons in the category of essential professions for example diplomats, medical experts etc.;
• If the above is applicable, a written request can be submitted at least 5 business days before the (tentative) departure date to the Directorate of Consular Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, International Business and International Cooperation via the following email address:

The official permission from Consular Affairs is mandatory for departure to Suriname.

In the context of Covid-19 the following conditions apply to enter the Republic of Suriname for essential travelling.

Travelers must present as follows:

a) a negative RT-PCR test result. This test should be taken within 48 � 72 hours prior to departure. Children below the age of 12yrs are exempted from testing.

b) a confirmed reservation of a hotel (applicable for quarantine)
which is registered with SHATA, for a minimal period of 7 days. Quarantine for a period of 7 days, supervised by the NCCR and BOG (official Covid-19 and health authorities of Suriname), is mandatory whereas all costs will be for the traveler to bear. If you wish to be placed in quarantine at home and if your home meets the quarantine conditions, you should send a separate request prior to your departure date.

c) a medical insurance that includes costs of a Covid-19 recovery.
If you cannot provide such medical insurance, you can be held liable for all medical costs related to any Covid-19 treatment. Therefore, you must sign a letter regarding the above mentioned upon arrival at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport in Suriname.

d) upon arrival at the Johan Adolf Pengel airport in Suriname all travelers will undergo a mandatory medical screening and all documents will be checked.

The Embassy of the Republic of Suriname kindly informs not to be responsible for the arrangement of tickets, itinerary or other travel related issues of non- Surinamese citizens.

In case of nationalities, other than Surinamese, please contact your respective Embassy residing in the Republic of Suriname.


Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Suriname in India. Suriname, the name derived from an indigenous tribe, is the land of many backgrounds and various ethnic flavours, situated in the heart of the Tropical Rainforest.

Being a nation and a young independent state, the bilateral ties with India, go beyond 1975, the year Suriname gained its independence.

Commemorating the Indian indentured laborers who were taken to Suriname to work on the plantations, where earlier the slaves from Africa had worked, the British Indians vested the bond between today's Suriname and India and their descendants have become a part of Suriname's multi ethnic society, where the Amer Indians as the original inhabitants, the descendants of the African slaves and the Javanese indentured laborers, the Chinese, Portuguese, Dutch and Lebanese migrants, peacefully live together. [Thriving on abundance of natural resources like timber and minerals, the economy of my country is growing day by day].

Tourism in Suriname


About 80% of the land area of Suriname consists of tropical rainforest. The jungle of Suriname is among the most pristine in the world. You'll find more than 300 different species of trees and many animals and plants.


Business Environment


Suriname's economy offers many attractions for foreign investors. The Government has been active in promoting investment opportunities as a crucial component of a broad strategy of sustainable economic development. In addition to the traditional mining sectors...

  • The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul

  • Arya Samaj Temple

  • The Prof. Blommestein Lake

  • The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

  • Display of flags on the Independence Square

  • Aerial view of Paramaribo

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