It is my pleasure to welcome you on the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Suriname in India.

While this Website is a source of information about the Embassy, it also provides to be a window to tropical Paramaribo, our Capital, where nostalgic architecture blends in with the core of corporate life of Suriname. The warm hearts of Suriname's multi ethnic citizens, are open to the world and the special tread between India and Suriname, initially vested by the Indian. Diaspora to Suriname has developed and grown to be an mature structure of cultural-, economic and political cooperation. Acknowledging the growing interest in Latin America, I gladly wish that my Embassy may be facilitative towards Indian interests in my beloved country. May I extend my best wishes in "Sranang Tongo", our own linguistic creation of the nation, Tan Bun!

Tourism in Suriname


About 80% of the land area of Suriname consists of tropical rainforest. The jungle of Suriname is among the most pristine in the world. You'll find more than 300 different species of trees and many animals and plants.


Business Environment


Suriname's economy offers many attractions for foreign investors. The Government has been active in promoting investment opportunities as a crucial component of a broad strategy of sustainable economic development. In addition to the traditional mining sectors...

  • The Cathedral-Basilica of Saint Peter and Paul

  • Arya Samaj Temple

  • The Prof. Blommestein Lake

  • The Jules Wijdenbosch Bridge

  • Display of flags on the Independence Square

  • Aerial view of Paramaribo

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